LVN Corporation - Information Technology Consulting


Commitment to Excellence
With low overhead, we can provide our clients with a competitive advantage. Our associates are compensated above average, hence we can retain the best and maintain a higher level of continuity. Our technical screening are performed personally by managers to select the best competent candidates.

People Oriented
We are proud of our associates. Many were highly recommended to us from within and from our partners. We know each associate's strengths and weaknesses. We match each associate with an assignment very carefully to ensure a successful engagement.

Hands-on Managers
Our managers are well experienced in the finance and computer industries. Many are still on project at our clients. Regular training are required for all personnel.

Responsive & Flexible
As a smaller size company, we can provide a personal touch in all of our services. Our decision-makers can be reached easily and decision are made quicker with flexibility. After all, we are here to assist you, the clients, with technical needs, not to hinder you with administrative problems.